Deren Yang

Academician of Chinese Academy of Science
Professor,Zhejiang University,China;president,NingboTech University,China

Prof. Deren Yang is an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and a Cheung Kong Professor at Zhejiang university in China. He is also the president of NingboTech University, and vice president of Chinese Renewable Association. He has engaged in the research of silicon materials used for microelectronic devices, solar cells and nano-devices. He has authored 17 books as an author or co-authors, and has published over 840 SCI cited papers in international peer reviewed journals.

Title: Growth and defects of Czochralski silicon for solar cell

Abstract: In recent, Czochralski silicon (Cz Si) has been the domain material in photovoltaic industry, which occupies   more than 95% market shares last year. In Cz Si, oxygen induced during   crystal growth is the main impurity which has the significant effect on the   property of Si ingot material and even the efficiency of solar cells.

In this report, we will present the behaviors of interstitial oxygen and oxygen precipitation in Cz Si used for photovoltaic. The relationship between swirl defect circles in Si wafer and oxygen precipitates has been studied. Moreover, the influence of the defects related to oxygen impurity has been discussed.