Area5. Materials, cells and modules of crystalline Silicon PV
Area5 (HJT)5MoO1

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostZhengxin Liu
Invited Presentation13:30The Progress of HJT solar cell in ChinaWenjing WangAnhui Huasun Energy Co., LtdCTO
Invited Presentation13:50Connecting the dots: sputter damage, UV degradation and light soaking in silicon heterojunction solar cell.Kaining Ding Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbHHead of silicon heterojunction solar cell and module department, IEK-5
Invited Presentation14:10Effective boron doping of LPCVD deposited intrinsic silicon intrinsic siliconXiajie MengTongwei solar (Chengdu) Co. LtdDeputy Director
Oral Presentation14:30Over 26% Record Efficiency for  Heterojunction Solar Cells on Very-thin Silicon WaferXiaoning RuLONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.technical expert
Oral Presentation14:45Indium-free silicon heterojunction solar cells over 26% conversion efficiency for massive productionShi YinLONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Senior R&D Chief Engineer
Area5 (HJT)5MoO2

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostDengyuan Song
Invited Presentation15:15Conductive copper pastes for PV metallizationOfer ShochetCopprint Technologies Ltd.CEO and Co-Founder
Invited Presentation15:35Transparent Silicon Heterojunction Solar CellsKwangyong SeoUNISTProfessor
Oral Presentation15:55The dopant content of hydrogenated amorphous silicon obtained through optical constantZhenfei LiShanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information TechnologyPostdoctor
Oral Presentation16:10Gradient Zn(O,S)/Mg electron selective heterocontact and as a conductive back layer for HJT solar cellsJunfeng ZhaoNankai UniversityStudent
Oral Presentation16:25The effect of surface electric fields on the light soaking enhancement of silicon heterojunction solar cellsDonghao LiuDepartment of Materials, University of OxfordPh.D Student
Area5 (HJT)5MoO3

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostWenjing Wang
Invited Presentation16:55Flexible crystalline silicon solar cell Shenglei HuangChinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai MicrosystemDoctoral Student
Oral Presentation17:15Rapid illuminated annealing process to improve the efficiency of silicon heterojunction solar cellsKRISHNA SINGHSERISResearch Fellow
Oral Presentation17:30Disruption of Si–H bonds by short wavelength photons and its impact on the performance of silicon solar cells and modulesJian YuSouthwest Petroleum UniversityDoctor
Oral Presentation17:45Light-induced Performance Changes of Transparent Passivating Contacts Solar Cells: Light Soaking Gains and UV DegradationBinbin XuResearch center JülichPhD Candidate
Oral Presentation18:00A Stability Study of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Exposed to Ultraviolet LightJinli YangChinese Academy of SciencesStudent
Area5 (HJT)5TuO4

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostOlindo Isabella
Invited Presentation8:30Quality Risks of New PV Cell Technologies: TOPCon and HJTBram HoexUniversity of New South Wales, SydneyProfessor
Oral Presentation8:50Bayesian optimization of carrier selectivity of p-type silicon nano-crystal/silicon oxide compound layerKazushi MizutaniNagoya UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation9:05The influence of light-heat treatment on dark-state degradation of SHJ solar cellsShangzhi ChengIEE, CAS & Anhui Huasun Energy Co., LtdIntern at Huasun Technology R&D Center
Oral Presentation9:20Characterisation of Passivating Contacts using Time-Of-Flight Elastic Recoil Detection AnalysisYifu ShiUniversity of OxfordPhd Student
Oral Presentation9:35Transparent conductive GZO thin films grown by reactive plasma deposition for silicon heterojunction solar cells Xiaofeng WangNankai UniversityStudent
Area5 5TuO5

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
Host Kaining Ding 
Invited Presentation10:05Photoluminescence imaging applications across the PV value chain: from ingots to systemsThorsten TrupkeUniversity of New South Wales, AustraliaProfessor
Oral Presentation10:25Investigation on Light-induced Microstructure Stability of p-type Microcrystalline Silicon for Improving Performance of HJT solar cellsHonghua ZhangShanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of SciencesPostgraduate
Oral Presentation10:40Impact of DC Power on Passivation Quality of Intrinsic Amorphous Silicon Deposited by Facing Target SputteringLi ShaShaTokyo Institute of TechnologyStudent
Oral Presentation10:55Transparent-Conductive-Oxide- and Dopant-Free Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with Efficiency of 22.9%Haihuai CaiSun Yat-sen UniversityPostgraduate
Oral Presentation11:10Analysis of carrier transport mechanisms of p-contacts in p- and n-type SHJ devicesJiajun ShenSun Yat-sen UniversityPhd Student
Oral Presentation11:25Optimization of a-Si:H/Si passivation contact interface structure by machine learning potential molecular dynamics simulationsRyoji AsahiNagoya UniversityProfessor
Area5 (Topcon)5TuO6

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostJichun Ye
Invited Presentation13:30N-type i-TOPCon Advanced Technology and Photovoltaic Technology trendsZhiqiang FengTrina Solar, State Key Laboratory of PV Science and TechnologyVice-President
Invited Presentation13:50Technical Progress in Perovskite/ TOPCon Tandem Solar Cell TechnologyXinyu ZhangJinko Solar Co., Ltd.R&D Deputy GM
Invited Presentation14:10Recent development, challenges, and future strategies of TOPCon solar-cell technologiesJichun YeNingbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE)Professor
Invited Presentation14:30Serving Terawatt PV Market with Gigawatt Machines: 
High Capacity PVD Solutions Used in Mass Production of High Efficiency Solar Cells
Zhenhao ZhangVON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.General Manager
Oral Presentation14:50Application of dual-layer polysilicon deposited by PECVD in n-type TOPCon solar cellsDong DingShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityResearch Associate
Area5 (Topcon)5TuO7

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostZhiqiang Feng
Invited Presentation15:20Transport and passivation mechanisms for high efficiency silicon solar cellsPaul Procel MoyaDelft University of TechnologyResearcher
Invited Presentation15:40High Temperature Passivated Contact Solutions for Solar Cell Mass ProductionZhang WuLAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Vice General Manager
Invited Presentation16:00Charged Up Solar Cells: The Role of Interface Electric Fields in Silicon Photovoltaic TechnologySebastian BonillaUniversity of OxfordAssociate Professor of Materials
Invited Presentation16:20Excellent surface passivation of boron-doped polysilicon passivated contact featured with an iVoc of ~740 mV and a single-sided J0, s of ~ 4.0 fA/cm2Yuheng ZengNingbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of SciencesStaff
Oral Presentation16:40Application of plasma immersion ion  implantation technics to TOPCon solar cellsNoboru YamaguchiTokyo Institute of Technology / ULVAC, inc.Student / Project Leader
Oral Presentation16:55Ex-situ Phosphorus-doped Poly-Si Passivating Contacts for High Efficiency Solar Cells via SputteringThien TruongThe Australian National UniversityResearch Fellow
Oral Presentation17:10Passivation enhancement mechanism of TiOx/c-Si heterostructures prepared by atomic layer depositionYuto MichishitaNagoya University Graduate School of EngineeringStudent
Oral Presentation17:25Compensating Cutting Losses by Passivation Solution for Industry Upgradation of TOPCon and SHJ Solar CellsXuning ZhangHebei Key Lab of Optic-Electronic Information and Materials College of Physics Science and Technology Hebei UniversityAssociate Researcher
Area5 (BC)5ThO8

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostJian Sheng     
Invited Presentation8:30Analysis of Heterojunction Back Contact (HBC) Solar Cell Industrialization Technology RouteRui JiaInstitute of Microelectronics of The Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor
Invited Presentation8:50TBDChristian PeterSolarlab Aiko EuropeManaging Director
Invited Presentation9:10LONGi High-Efficiency Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) Solar Cell R&D and Industrial Application ProgressHeng SunLONGi Central R&D InstituteR&D Chief Engineer
Invited Presentation9:30Development of Mass- Production- Ready Hybrid BC Solar Cell TechnologyJinyan ZhangGold Stone FujianEnergy Company Limited
Oral Presentation9:50Copper and Aluminum Screen Printed Contacts for IBC Solar Cell Technology for a Sustainable 1TW Photovoltaic MarketRadovan KopecekISC KonstanzDirector
Area5 (电极技术)5ThO9

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostRui Jia 
Invited Presentation10:20Implementing a self-passivated aluminum masking layer for a cost-effective approach to substitute silver with copper electroplating for the metallization of SHJ solar cellsLeonard TutschPV2+ GmbHCTO
Invited Presentation10:40Formation of n+ Silicon Layer by Screen-Printing Aluminum Paste: A Novel Technique Marwan DhamrinOsaka University/ Toyo Aluminium K.K.S.A. Professor / Senior Specialist
Invited Presentation11:00"Flashboard": Automated Analysis of Solar Cell Production Data based on Machine Learning and SimulationSven WasmerWAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbHData Scientist
Oral Presentation11:20Interfacial Engineering and Capping of Vanadium Oxide Hole Transport Layers For Silicon Solar CellsYap Qi JiaSolar Energy Research Institute of Singapore, National University of SingaporePhD Student
Oral Presentation11:35Self-Aligned Laser Opening and Stencil Metallisation for Silver-Free Contacts in Silicon Solar CellsYuelin XiongUniversity of OxfordStudent
Oral Presentation11:50Minimizing errors in testing of reduced-silver metallization schemes for TOPCon solar cellsZongtao LiuUniversity of OxfordPostdoctoral Researcher
Area5 (硅材料和硅片)5ThO10

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostXuegong Yu
Invited Presentation13:30Defect Control In Cast Monocrystalline SiliconShuai YuanZhejiang UniversityTenure Track Researcher
Invited Presentation13:50Pioneering R&D for Ga-doped Si solar cells for terrestrial and space applicationsMasafumi YamaguchiToyota Technological InstituteProfessor Emeritus, Invited Research Fellow
Oral Presentation14:10Research Progress on Thin Crystalline Silicon Solar CellsYing XuHebei UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation14:253D-curved crystalline Si modules: Size, Stress, Mismatching loss, and Coverage lossKenji ArakiUniversity of MiyazakiDistinguished Professor
Oral Presentation14:40Atomic-Layer-Deposited Zinc Oxide As Electron‐Selective Contact For Bifacial Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells With Bifaciality Factor of 96.3%Anzhi XieSun Yat-sen UniversityStudent
Area5 (组件)5ThO11

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostMasafumi Yamaguchi
Invited Presentation15:10Multilayer Antireflection Coating for Solar Module GlassNing SongUNSW SydneyLecturer
Invited Presentation15:30Some advances of  single crystal growth technology of silicon for solar cellsLijun LiuXi'an Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation15:50Analysis of carrier induced degradation exhibited on a silicon wafer via hydrogen and emitter dopant complexMyeongSeob SimKorea UniversitySeoul
Oral Presentation16:05Extraction of dark characteristic parameters of solar cells and PV modules by combining an intelligent optimization algorithm with the I-V characteristic equationsBin AiSun Yat-sen UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation16:20Charged oxide inversion layer solar cell with fabrication temperature below 500 ºCJingyan ChenUniversity of OxfordPhD Student
Area5 (硅材料)5ThO12

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostPierre J. Verlinden
Invited Presentation16:50Approaches towards transparent polysilicon passivated contactsJames BullockThe University of MelbourneHead, Electronic Materials and Devices Group
Invited Presentation17:10New mechanism and applications of interface passivation in solar cells
Jianhui ChenHebei University
PI, Deputy Director in Province-Ministry Co-Construction Collaborative Innovation Center of  Photovoltaic Technology
Oral Presentation17:30Phosphorus- and Boron-Doped Poly-Si/SiOx Passivating Contacts via Inkjet PrintingJiali WangAustralian National UniversityPhD Student
Oral Presentation17:45Three dimensional DLTS analysis using machine learning for evaluating process-induced defects in crystal Si solar cellsYoshio OhshitaToyota Technological InstituteProfessor
Oral Presentation18:00Influence of surface contaminating elements on crystalline Si solar-cell surfaces on potential-induced degradationYiming QinNiigata UniversityStudent
Oral Presentation18:15Is There Enough Low-Iron Sand for TW PV Growth?Tamal ChowdhuryUNSWPhD Student
Area5 5FrO13

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostWenzhu Liu
Invited Presentation8:30Green Solar WafersFrank SiebkeNexWafe GmbHSVP Strategic Business Development
Invited Presentation8:50Plasma-Assisted Epitaxially Grown Silicon with Tunable Porosity for Photovoltaic Applications and BeyondJoon-Ho OhKorea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)Principal Researcher
Oral Presentation9:10SiO2/SiNx protection layers for high Voc silicon solar cells by preventing minority-carrier lifetime degradation during molecular beam epitaxy growthEunkyo JuKorea institute of science and technologyStudent Researcher
Oral Presentation9:25Supersaturated carbon in photovoltaic czochralski siliconZhenchao HongState Key Laboratory of Silicon and Advanced Semiconductor MaterialsStudent
Oral Presentation9:40High-mobility Cerium-doped Indium Oxide and the Impact of Its Thickness-dependence in SHJ Solar CellsZhibin LiuSun Yat-sen University

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