Area3. Thin film compound semiconductor solar cells

Area3 3MoO1

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostZhiqiang Li
Invited Presentation16:25Suppress band tailing of pure sulfide kesterite solar cell through solution cadmium alloyingHao XinNanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsProfessor
Oral Presentation16:45Ink formulation and printing of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film solar cellsXianzhong LinSun Yat-sen UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation17:00KEY ASPECTS FOR A HIGH EFFICIENCY KESTERITE SOLAR CELL BASELINE PRODUCTIONAlex Jimenez ArguijoFundació Institut de Recerca Energética de Catalunya (IREC)PhD Student
Oral Presentation17:15Over 11% efficiency Cd-free high bandgap Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells enabled by bulk and interface engineeringAo WangUniversity of New South WalesStudent
Oral Presentation17:304.3% Efficient Kesterite Solar Cell ModulesMingjun YuanNanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsStudent
Area3 3TuO2

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostHao Xin
Invited Presentation10:10Exploring Emerging Chalcogenides in Thin Film and Perovskite Solar Cells Lydia Helena WongNational Technological UniversityAssociate Professor
Oral Presentation10:30Controlling Selenization Equilibrium Enables High-Quality Kesterite Absorbers for Efficient Solar CellsYanhong LuoChinese Academy of SciencesProfessor
Oral Presentation10:45Revealing the role of Ag alloying in metal precursors in kesterite thin films and solar cellsMingrui HeUniversity of New South WalesResearch Fellow
Oral Presentation11:0011.88% efficient flexible CZTSSe solar cellHan XuNankai UniversityDoctor
Oral Presentation11:15The role of grain boundaries in regulation of recombination in Cu2SnZn(S, Se)4 via in-situ sodium dopingLiangzheng DongSinghua UniversityPhD Student
Area3 3TuO3

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostXianzhong Lin
Invited Presentation13:30Growth and High efficient thin film solar cells composed of earth abundant elementsYi ZhangNankai University   Professor   Director  
Oral Presentation13:50The optoelectronic properties of I2-II-IV-VI4 type crystalsJun ZhangLingnan Normal UniversityDirector of Advanced Testing and Analysis Center
Oral Presentation14:05High-efficiency Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells by electrostatic sprayingJiangjian ShiInstitute of Physics CASAssociate research fellow
Oral Presentation14:20Boosting Kesterite Solar Cell Efficiency through Molecular Ink-based Lithium Doping and AlloyingYuancai GongUniversitat Politecnica de CatalunyaPostdoctoral
Oral Presentation14:35Fabrication of high-efficiency Sb2(S,Se)3 solar cell via sputtering and post-selenization/sulfurization: influence of S/(S+Se) ratioYu-Jen HungNational Changhua University of EducationPh.D Student
Area3 3TuO4

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostYi Zhang
Invited Presentation16:5517.26% High Efficiency CdTe Solar Module (1.92m2) and the Roadmap to Achieve Above 18% Module Efficiency in China National Building Materials GroupGanhua FuCTF Solar GmbHVice general manager
Invited Presentation17:15High-efficiency flexible Sb2Se3 solar cells by back interface and absorber bulk deep-level trap engineeringZhiqiang LiHebei UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation17:35Full-inorganic Sb2S3 Photovoltaic Devices Based on Vacuum MethodHui DengFuzhou UniversityAssociate professor
Oral Presentation17:50Band Gap and Defect Engineering for High-Performance Cadmium-free Sb2(S,Se)3 Solar Cells and ModulesCong LiuGuangxi UniversityStudent
Oral Presentation18:05High Efficiency Bifacial and Semitransparent Sb2(S,Se)3 Solar CellsKaiwen SunUniversity of New South WalesSenior Lecturer
Area3 3TuO5

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostWei Liu
Invited Presentation10:15CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells with Efficiency Exceeding 20%Kai ShenJinan UniversityAssociate Professor
Oral Presentation10:3520%-Efficient CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells with Gradient Band Alignment at the Front InterfaceDengbing LiSoochow UniversityProfessor
Oral Presentation10:50Development of CuSbSe2 Photovoltaic Absorb Layer for Thin Film Solar CellsLei WanHefei University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Oral Presentation11:05Tailoring the carrier transport in the Sb2Se3 solar cell via modifying oxygen content at the heterojunction interfaceZixiu CaoNankai universityPhD Student
Oral Presentation11:20Systematic Analysis of Ag Addition Effects on Bulk and Interface Properties in CIGSe Solar CellsYosuke AbeTokyo Institute of TechnologyMaster Student
Area3 3ThO6

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostKai Shen
Invited Presentation13:30Effect of high-temperature CdSe process on the properties of MZO layerAnhong HuAdvanced Solar Power (Hang Zhou) Inc.R&D Vice Director
Oral Presentation13:50Improved Performance of Low-temperature Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar cells: Synergistic effects of Ag Modification and Na post-treatmentJingyi MaNankai universityDoctor
Oral Presentation14:05High-efficiency flexible CIGS solar cells achieved by NaF incorporation and active tuning of Ga gradingWeimin LiShenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of SciencesAssociate Professor
Oral Presentation14:20Cu(In,Ga)Se2 growth on patterned substratesRicardo PoeiraUniversity of LuxembourgDoctoral Researcher
Area3 3ThO7

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostJianjun LiTaowen Wang
Invited Presentation8:30Classification of defect-mediated interfacial recombination for emerging heterojunction solar cellsJianjun LiLONGi Central R&D InstituteTechnology Expert
Oral Presentation8:50Grain boundaries are not the source for Urbach tails in Cu(In,Ga)Se2Sevan GharabeikiUnuversity of LuxembourgDoctoral Researcher
Oral Presentation9:05Development of In2S3 buffer layer for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells by open-air CVD methodAkihiro FunakiTokyo Institute of Technology1st year doctoral Student
Oral Presentation9:20Advancing Solar Cell Technology: High-Efficiency Sub-Micron Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cell with Enhanced Hole Selective Transport StructureTaowen WangUniversity of LuxembourgPhD
Oral Presentation9:35Towards substrate-independent and highly efficient (Ag,Cu)InSe2 solar cellsMaximilian KrauseEMPAPhD Student
Area3 3ThO8

TimeTopicName UnitTitle
HostWeimin Li
Invited Presentation8:30High Efficiency Flexible Chalcopyrite Solar Cells with Narrow-Gap Absorber for Tandem ApplicationsHiroki SugimotoPXP CorporationDirector / CTO
Oral Presentation8:50Small Negative Effect of Domain Boundary on Carrier Lifetime of BaSi2 Absorber FilmsKosuke O. HaraUniversity of YamanashiAssociate Professor
Oral Presentation9:05Ag-alloyed wide bandgap chalcopyrite solar cells with Zn(O,S) buffer layers.SATEESH PRATHAPANIHelmholtz-Zentrum BerlinPostdoc
Oral Presentation9:20Control of hole concentration of B implanted sputter-deposited BaSi2 films by post annealing and its solar cell applicationTakumi SatoUniversity of TsukubaStudent
Oral Presentation9:35Molecular Beam Epitaxy Deposition of ZnSnP2 Absorbing Layer under Laser IrradiationIsshin SumiyoshiKyoto UniversityStudent

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